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Poster: PDpolice Date: May 26, 2016 1:21am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: The end of site. Admin - do not read

This forum posting has an "Admin - do not read" in the subject line. The "Admin - do not read" should be honored in the same fashion as the robots.txt file is honored in a web crawl. Therefore no part of this posting can be considered "an annoyance" to any of the Internet Archive staff.

So Nowhere-ate,
Looks like you have the honor of being close to removal from the Internet Archive. At my library they just say 'Shhh" if you talk too loud.
I suggest you create a new screen name from a different IP address. Then post some nostalgic drug references and make an obscure comment about the shows from '71 being better because the mike set-up was reconfigured. All will than be forgiven.
Just never again point out the Emperors tailor may be lacking something.